Max/MSP + Jitter | malaria parasite data | malaria fever data | archive video footage (Wellcome Collection) | monitors | speakers |

Research / Inspiration:
Decasia - Bill Morrison

Parasite is a project by the artist Deborah Robinson in collaboration with David Strang. A series of videos was created exploring the effects of the malaria parasite. To do this David created software that produced the effects of malaria within video loops of archive footage based on the various treatments of malaria and mosquitos. The short video loops repeat as the parasite impacts on the pixel information of the video and slowly break the image up.

In addition to the use of the parasite data the sound is generated by applying the fever data to various field recordings of mosquitos made at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute where Deborah was artist in residence alongside the research team of Dr Julian Rayner and Dr Oliver Billker.

Deborah Robinson
Sanger Institute