Max/MSP + Jitter | field recordings | 360º cinema | data |

Research / Inspiration:

Driven by the ecology of the Sailor we will collect biological and local meteorological data of influencing factors on the sailing experience – pulse rates, perspiration, eye dilation, wind, tides, GPS, etc…  This data is gathered from local meteorological sites as well as local tidal data and bio data of the sailor.  The collected data is then used to generate a visceral experience of the moment at sea using Sound and Light.

We aim to use these sounds as navigation between two worlds, the outer and inner. The raw data to be used as triggers for actions/responses and metaphors for movement between worlds and physical/mental states. The work is using the yachtsperson’s experience as a way of mediating between various ‘worlds, physical/material, psychological and physical.
The sailor’s experience is one of extreme response, re-acting to ever changing stimuli, this experience is one that is replicated in less extreme ways in nearly every living organisms existence.
Our piece is an attempt to create a work that effectively transmits this experience through a mind/body response using light and sound.

The meteorological and biometric Data will be used to create and manipulate sound and visuals (light / graphics / video) that will act as a translation of the sailor’s experience.

The Sound and Light are direct Sonifacations and visualizations of the collected Data. An event is then created for an audience to immerse itself thus enabling an engagement in the sailing experience at an abstracted and visceral level (the sailor, the elements , the boat, the site).
We are also looking to extend the space above and below the surface, looking at local marine life (Hippocampus ), not just the Latin for Seahorse but also  a major important part of the Human Brain, it belongs to the limbic system and plays important roles in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory and spatial navigation.