building systems

4 channel speakers | field recordings |

Research / Inspiration:
Francisco Lopez

Building Systems is part of a series of works based around the systems and networks that exist in buildings. The work is a study of acoustic ecology of systems that exist within a building's structure.

The first in the series looks at air flow throughout a building. Throughout the large spaces, a network of air and heating is distributed via pipes of varying sizes. In states of near silence the building apears to hum at distinct frequencies that alter between the many spaces within the building.

This work is made up from recordings of both the spaces and the physical structures that transport the air. This conists of ambient recordings and structural recordings (with contact microphones). To enhance certain materials within the system small motors have been attached. The result is a four-channel installation the plays back in the space and draws the ear into rhythms and frequencies that exist in the building.

The Fragmented Orchestra