Mugnificent Stereo

arduino | LDR | mylar speakers | coffee mugs | projector | Max/MSP+Jitter |

Research / Inspiration:

Yelena Popova (visual artist) and I are collaborating on an ongoing project that explores the interdependency of painting, sound, time, space and audience.

Yelena makes abstract paintings on panels, which can be arranged in any sequence within a given space, allowing the viewer to negotiate the viewing of the work. Using a camera and mirrors she takes photographs of her paintings (100-200 jpegs from one panel) to reproduce them as a sequence of new images in the form of film strips, 'flicker wheels' and digital films.

Working with the short digital video clips (10-20 secs) I produced a soundtrack from various sources. Field recordings and synthesised material were both used. The colours in the videos were tracked to control parameters of the sound to create a strong link between colour and sound.

The recent installation at 'Machine Room' in North London invited the visitor to play with the playback of the piece. Three of the videos were controlled by sensors placed in the bottom of six mugs. Along with the sensors, I placed a single speaker. The visitors activated the work by placing the mugs to their ears. Once this was done the corresponding video would play back on a small screen stuck to a window pane. When the mugs were left on the table the videos stood still as individual paintings.

Yelena Popova