mesage in a bottle

arduino | empty bottles | small light bulbs | internet | mylar speakers |

Research / Inspiration:
Steve Roden

This work is another collaboration between myself and William Little (resonant space-Q121). It is an interactive sound and light installation commenting on social networking sites, such as Myspace or facebook, and mixing old media with new media.

The work uses webcrawlers to explore the messages on social networking sites and bring back the text. The text is then synthesised into speech that is amplified through small speakers that are secured inside different bottles. Also inside each bottle is tiny bulb that lights up when that bottle's speaker is active. The bottles are gouped together on the floor of the gallery and rhythms of sound and light are created as the webcrawlers bring back text of differing lengths and at different intervals.

By mixing an old form of message sending with a new one we explore the privacy/openess of the Internet and the discomfort of knowingly listening into other people's messages.