Sonic Peripheries #5

Max/MSP | cassette tapes | walkman | speakers | hydrophones | sticky tape | piezo transducers |

Research / Inspiration:

Sonic Peripheries was talk, workshop and exhibition by David Strang curated by Petra Klusmeyer, University of the Arts Bremen. The project is a series of residencies researching sonic arts practices.

The workshop took place at the University of the Arts in Bremen with a mixture of students with the aim to explore the surrounding environment and the sounds that are hidden within. The group built and played with contact microphones, hydrophones and magnetic coils to explore the waterways, physical spaces and ether and recorded them.

The exhibition was created over the week after arriving in Bremen and was built out of the workshop and further discussions between David and Petra. Sounds of an old working water mill were networked into the gallery space in real time and mixed with sounds from tape cassette installations suspended in the gallery space to represent the working parts of the water mill. A station was also set up for visitors to build there own 7 second tape loops out of recorded material from the workshop and the water mill whilst others could make use of the hydrophone kits built for groups to explore the water running through the mill.

In another room of the gallery a small hack of the water mill site was played out and manipulated by elements from the running water mill (see video below).

Petra Klusmeyer